Make Your Move...

Make Your Move...

Follow my new shit.

follow my new shit.

See you all in Hell.

12:40am 9/9/13

I got exactly what you wanted for me. Everyone is dead to me. And you’re all I have. At least be happy.

(via puppygun)

I miss you, fam. Now more than ever. I know you’re the one that’s pulling stings up there for me to keep going down here. It sucks that the only thing I can remember in full detail about you is your laugh. People have been telling me that they’re scared that I’m gonna be the next you. What do you think? Sometimes I wish I was selfish enough to be the next you. I get it now. You were just looking out for yourself and sometimes people need to do that. Death wants me and I never seem to have the courage to take him head on. Just watch out for me, breh. See you soon.

Loljk. Who am I kidding?

May whichever god that’s watching me bless me. 

I wonder how all the people who never took risks feel about their lives when they got older. Were they happy with it?

I hope when I die, I become a ghost and I never get the chance to see Heaven. I’ll be snug in my own Hell, right where I am.